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You should make full use of the tips in the locksmith field shared on this web page. They will help you to make the right decisions regarding security and to avoid and handle various difficult situations. When you know what to do, you will certainly get the best possible result.

Keep spare keys with you

Don't leave your house without carrying spare keys of all your properties with you. If you have your own office and drive a car, make sure you keep spare office and auto chip keys with you apart from an extra pair of house keys. Our professionals suggest keeping them safe in different parts of your purse or briefcase so that they won't be stolen. This is the best way to avoid lockouts.

Opening a frozen lock

Wintertime can bring cold enough temperatures to freeze car door locks, windows and doors. For a frozen door lock, dipping the key in petroleum jelly can help it turn freely. Spraying a de-icer or WD-40 into a lock can also help it to open freely. Heating the key with a lighter or matches and then inserting it into the lock will also melt the ice inside.

Make sure the door is properly fixed

One of the main reasons why brand new door locks often perform poorly is because the door is not hung right. A sagging or binding door puts a huge amount of pressure on the latch or the bolt. Locks often give in to this pressure and get deformed. This results in a malfunction.

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